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Air and Water cooled chillers

Clint Aircooled liquid Chillers with Scroll compressors

Clint international offer one of the widest ranges of Air-cooled and Water cooled chiller solutions starting from Compact Line 5-22kw inverter scroll with built in pumps. Multi Power Scroll chillers available with Plate or shell and tube exchangers and with partial or full heat recovery. Maxi Power Screw chillers with Step-less Screw, Inverter screw options and shell and tube or Flooded Shell and tube exchangers and partial or full heat recovery. Energy Power 4 pipe chillers produce chilled water and or hot water separately or independently with EER up to 8. Turbo-line chiller use the high energy efficient Turbo-cor compressors available in Air-cooled or water cooled solutions.

Modular chillers

Clint Modular chillers are a cost effective solution for chilled water application, featuring V design coils, Twin Danfoss Scroll compressor, AISI 316 plate exchanger R410 a system, built in controls, IM protection module and thermal expansion. The Clint Modular range can be used as standalone chillers or link up to 15 on master slave system.

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