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Residential Airconditioning

Airco Air curtains

Available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm wide units with options on 3m or4m down blow. Units come with 2 speed fan, manual switch, stylish design, adjustable louvers and robust grille.


Airco Midwall split units

Available in 9,000btu, 12,000btu, 18,000btu, 24,000btu units in fixed speed B class or A++ class DC inverter. Both ranges come with infrared wireless controller, optional wired controller or Wi-Fi module to control unit with your smart device. Complete with High energy saving design, anti-bacterial filters, cooling, heating and full auto function as well as unique IFEEL mode for precise temperature control.


Airco Under ceiling split units

Available in Fixed speed and DC inverter units with ranges from 36 000btu (220v) and 48 000btu or 60 000btu (380v) units. The Under-ceiling range comes complete with saran net filters, infrared wireless controller, optional wired controller, High energy saving design, cooling, heating full auto function and high airflow design.


Airco Cassette range

Available in fixed speed and DC Inverter options with built in condensate pump, 4 way 360deg airflow, saran net filters, cooling, heating, auto mode with infrared wireless control and wired controller options. Sizes from 18 000btu -60 000btu with low height design and easy to install and maintain.


Airco Ducted slim line range

Offers fixed speed and DC inverter options with wired controller, optional wire-less controller, cooling, heating, auto mode with saran net filters. The Ducted systems also come with 2 x options changeable on site for adjustable static pressure and 3 stage protection.


Fujitsu J-Series

Fujitsu J series, Single phase compact VRF system featuring 2-5 indoor units connected to one DC inverter A ++ class VRF condenser. Featuring multiple type of indoor units options, easy to use control, space saving, energy saving, silent and efficient operation. Perfect for residential applications where there is limited space (apartments, townhouses), long pipe runs applications, or energy efficient solution for single phase homes.


Residential Products

Air to Water Heat pumps Air to Water Heat pumps
R13,999.00R23,805.00 Excl VAT
Airco SH Range Midwall DC inverter Airco SH Range Midwall DC inverter
R6,899.00R13,600.00 Excl VAT
Airco SH Range Midwall Fixed speed Airco SH Range Midwall Fixed speed
R5,200.00R11,384.00 Excl VAT
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